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Sand Tiger Time

Sand Tiger Time!

Pre-tournament for the largest sand tiger caught from shore between Feb 15, 2017 and May 1, 2017 The prize is a sterling silver tooth hand crafted by Jay Lubeck. He has been making jewelry for 40 years and shark themed pieces are his specialty. Check out more of his work on his page

Please consider joining SSI Sharkin as a member. Membership dues go directly into the Neal Youman's memorial scholarship at Jacksonville University. All members are entered into our annual summer raffle and tournament as well as quality for any discount programs or events we host throughout the year. In November, after completing a year end survey and vote for the best sharker, members receive a hat or Tshirt.

The SSI Sharkers consist of a loose conglomeration of like minded shark fishermen who practice catch and release. We seek to educate the public about the role of sharks as both sport fish as well as key players in the ocean's ecosystem.

We welcome everyone interested to visit St. Simon's Island Pier to see us in action and have your picture taken with a shark for free! Enjoy our gallery below and follow our links for more information.

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